Full Moon Astrology

Feb 19 , 2021

Tata Joe

Full Moon Astrology

Aries Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

As you get close to month’s end, you will experience a full moon on February 27 in Virgo at 9 degrees. This moment could have one of two outcomes. The first involves health and fitness. If you’ve been awaiting health test results, they should arrive within four days of February 27. If you have been working out, you may see a personal best now—you would see a surprising breakthrough and say, “Wow, all this practice really does add up to reaching a higher level. I didn’t know I could do this.” That is always a gratifying feeling.

The second in your sixth house, where this full moon will fall, also rules work assignments. This is not an area of the chart where you would likely be given a promotion or new position but rather be given plum work-a-day assignments that could showcase your talents so that later, at the end of June, or at the very start of 2022, you would get the acknowledgement for the fine work you’ve been doing. Watch the projects that come up now as they will require a lot of concentration to detail. There will likely be many moving parts to oversee.

I love that Uranus will be in ideal angle to the full moon, bringing a sudden surprise that should delight you. This full moon will be your friend, and it will be a lovely way to end the month.

Taurus Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

Love may come on the wings of angels on the full moon February 27 in Virgo, a sign that is magnificently harmonious with yours. If you have not been dating, this day (plus or minus four days) may bring an introduction to someone you will find intriguing, for Uranus will be at an ideal angle to the Sun. This person may be someone you met at work or someone a family member is recommending that you meet.

If you work in a creative field, your ideas will be positively brilliant at month’s end. February 27 is a full moon, so you may be concluding an artistic project, and if so, you are likely to get quite a bit of applause for work well done.

As you see, one way or another, you will be celebrating.

Gemini Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

Your ruler Mercury will be in retrograde almost all month, until February 20. Allow a space of days after Mercury turns direct before resuming normal activities, such as signing contracts.

An important date will be February 27, when you will have a full moon in Virgo to light your solar fourth house of home and family. You may move to a new house at month’s end, or with powerful support from Uranus, you may find the perfect solution to a decorating project you are doing for your home. Alternatively, sudden news about a family member might be as thrilling as it is unexpected. Mercury (by then moving direct) will orbit close to Jupiter, indicating the news should make you happy.

Cancer Full Moon Horoscope for February 2021:

Mercury, the planet of communication and contractual agreements, will be retrograde until February 20. It may be hard to get in touch with the people you need to see, or you may spend too much time with a person who has no authority to approve your application. Until you get to the key person, not much will crystalize. You will see a change in the tempo of your life once you get to February 20, when Mercury will turn direct. Keep in mind, however, Mercury is quite a wild child at the start and end of his retrograde. If you are dealing with people from your past, Mercury retrograde will be easier on you as you started that relationship long before Mercury went retrograde on January 30 last month.

After weeks of concentrating on finding money or sorting out a financial matter, the full moon in Virgo on February 27 (strong for an extra four days, bringing you into March) can help you reach a conclusion and finalize talks in early March.

You seem to want to travel to clear your mind and relax a little over the ensuing weekend of February 27/28. The pandemic is still causing suffering all over the globe, so the scientists continue to say stay home. The scientists are reporting serious mutations, so better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes, sleeping in and having breakfast in bed at home can be all it takes to feel renewed.

Leo Full Moon Horoscope for February 2021:

The full moon of February 27 could bring a critical phase of financial talks to a conclusion, although more discussions might extend to early March. With Mercury moving direct February 20 and fully reoriented by early March, you may find financial plans fall into place more quickly and with better, more satisfying results.

That full moon of February 27 could bring you a surprise check out of the blue or allow you to make a big sale or deal. What an exciting moment that would be!

Additionally, in March, the pressure you may have felt regarding your career will start to lift as Mars will move to light, breezy air-sign Gemini, March 3 to April 23. You will enjoy the difference. Since January 6, Mars has been in earth-sign Taurus and continues to bring attention to your prestigious professional reputation sector (tenth house). Still, Mars in an earth sign may have felt like you were carrying a heavy load. You are a fire sign, and earth can dampen your spirit at times. It may have been hard to think about anything else since the start of the year. Starting next month, though, you will. Your career will allow more time to chat with friends, and although you may not be able to have lunches and dinners if your city is on lockdown, you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxed schedule.

Virgo Full Moon Horoscope for February 2021:

Your big moment will occur on February 27, plus or minus four days, when the full moon will appear in Virgo—the only full moon of 2021 in your sign. Something personal and important to you will come to a high point. Every Virgo will have something to enjoy at this full moon, and if your birthday falls on September 1, plus or minus five days, you will feel this full moon the most. The surprise-a-minute planet, Uranus, will send an electric, sparkling beam to the Sun and full moon, so your spouse or romantic partner may have a hand in what happens and thrill you with news or a gift you are not expecting. A business partner or agent could bring good news, too. Jupiter will move close to Mercury (by month’s end, Mercury will be moving direct), and that is another signal that the month will likely end on a very happy note.

If you want to go shopping at month’s end, buy a stunning interview outfit to wear on Zoom or in real life—you have a magnificent career month coming up in March, so have fun getting ready.

Libra Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

The full moon of February 27 in the twelfth house could put you in touch with medical personnel or people in the hospital, but I am not sure if you are having your annual physical (a good time) or feeling sick. Take extra precautions.

This coronavirus is staying one step ahead of us at every turn, and the mutations are worrying experts. Even if you have been vaccinated, you could be infected again by the new mutations, according to experts. Be careful, dear Libra.

The one lovely part of this full moon is that you might get a windfall of money. That sure would put a smile on your face. I say that this is possible because Uranus in your house of other people’s money will reach out to the full moon and Sun. It could be money you earned but didn’t expect this soon, or it could be money someone owed you a long time ago but didn’t pay you—until now. It could be you are due a tax refund or money from a government program. You may win a contest, or your family may give you cash simply because they love you.

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

As you wind down to the last days of February, you will have delicious fun. February 27 will bring a tender, bright full moon in Virgo, your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, and may bring a family member to stay with you, such as your sister or cousin, or a very close friend may move to your town. The pandemic is still very much with us, so don’t let down your guard—masks are still necessary. Nevertheless, I see you positively thrilled with what develops at this weekend, February 27-28.

The reason I love this full moon so much is that surprise-a-minute Uranus will be beautifully oriented to the Sun in a perfect “trine”—120 degrees, indicating a fabulous surprise for you career. Dear Scorpio, you are reaching skyward and going higher with each passing month. Uranus will also send a 60-degree sextile to the full moon, indicating news from afar—perhaps a person in or from a foreign country—will make you thrilled, too. Alternatively, legal matters, the media, and academia will all be areas of gain.

Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscope for February 2021:

Now, for another GREAT part of the month. Talks you may be having will come to fruition at the full moon in Virgo, your tenth house of professional recognition, February 27, which falls on a Saturday, but which will be influential for a plus or minus four days.

The best part about this full moon is that Uranus, the planet of surprise and currently in your assignment sector, will be the planet delivering the good news. This indicates that you will be thrilled with the unexpected opportunity or public praise that you’ll experience. This is extraordinary and so very positive for you. Knowing that the end of February and early March will bring an outstanding environment to advance your career and reputation, you can start aiming now for a professional culmination. The end of this month is likely to be one of the most spectacular times of 2021 for your profession. Celebrate!

Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

The full moon in Virgo on February 27 will be a happy moment. Usually travel would come up, but the experts are asking us all to stay home. However, you can plan a dream trip now to go on in the future, say, in 2022, a time it would likely be safer to travel. In the meantime, you may forge an international business relationship from where you sit today—at home—that will turn out to be surprisingly enjoyable and profitable. Uranus will be the dominant planet and send a shimmering, friendly beam to the full moon, making any news that comes up thrilling.

Additionally, on or within four days of February 27, you may get enviable publicity, successfully defend your thesis, or hear that citizenship in a country you want to live has moved forward. Or you may learn that your book has been accepted for publication, an advance is on the way, and your work will be translated into several languages. As you see, there are several ways good news in one of these areas may reach you, and when it does, you’ll be ready to celebrate.

Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope For February 2021:

Uranus is your ruling planet and will be the bearer of welcome news when Uranus beams directly to the full moon in Virgo on February 27, bringing you quite a bit of money, more than enough to cover the cost of your plans. If you are trying to help a parent find suitable living quarters—possibly with assisted living—that, too, may now have a happy ending. With a simultaneous strong, electric beam of Uranus to the Sun, which, for Aquarius, rules your partner in love or business, you will end the month of one mind. Together you will face the future with a strong sense of optimism.

Pisces Full Moon Horoscope for February 2021:

The full moon of February 27 brings a delicious surprise from your one-and-only, which could be your spouse or sweetheart. Uranus will be in a perfect position to cook up unexpected news, and it will make you very happy. If you have no partner in love, you might have a collaborator in business who comes to you with a happy development. It is a wonderful way to wind down the month.

Venus will tour Pisces from February 25 to March 21, so next month, treat yourself to new flattering new clothes and get ready for your closeup starting in May.