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Natural Mystics has Psychics with over 40-years of experience in Spiritual Healing and Palo Mayombe, supernatural powers that can assist you your greatest time of need. For a detailed list of services select on the "In-Person Booking" or "Long-Distance Booking" below.

The Moon Phase

What are the Moon Phases?

The Moon orbits around Earth and Earth orbits around the Sun. Very simple. Now, the angle between the Sun, Moon, and Earth changes constantly. And as a result, the amount of sunlight that reflects off the Moon and travels to our eyes changes every day. This means that the moon does not produce any light and only reflects sunlight.

We can see that the Moon’s disk change from full dark to full light to full dark again: This interval are timely and is called a lunar cycle. Another names for the lunar cycle are lunationlunar month, or synodic month.

How long does it takes for the moon to change cycles? The length of the cycle will vary, but on average, it is known to be 29.5 days on average.

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